What started out as a childhood dream is coming true....

CommuniSport AB is a Swedish company founded in the summer of 2007.

During April 2009 CommuniSport launched the Beta version of the web comminity/game Footballidentity.com. Footballidentity is a serious attempt to create an online world that, as accurately as possible, tries to mimic the real football world of today. In order to create an online world full of life, dynamics and challenges previously only seen in real life football, the world is built upon two major building blocks; Human Interaction and Strategy.

With human interaction we mean that football is more than just your own ability to pass the ball, tackle an opponent or score a goal. Football is also about players communicating and working together as a team, it's about players following their manager's directives, it's about players and managers handling the media and much, much more. Only after mastering these aspects of football life, the career of a player or manager can really florish.

This is why, in footballidentity.com, the users get the chance of deciding the role they want to play by taking on one or several of the three initially available character occupations;

 - Football Player
 - Football Manager
 - Football Journalist

Together these characters will make up the world of footballidentity.com where the key to success is communication with other characters.

The football matches in the world of footballidentity.com is unique in its nature and embrace the strategical aspects of football. As the first game ever, footballidentity.com will allow up to 22 players and 4 managers (Team Managers and Assistant Managers) take strategical decisions for their player character during one and the same match. The  match engine is turn-based  and through the use of a Flash interface and time-limitations, any user "owning" a player on the field will be able to perform movement and actions fluently. As a backup, an Artificial Intelligence will be standing by to take the decision for the player if the user does not interact during a turn or if the user is offline when the match is being played. With this, we aim to give the users of footballidentity.com an experience never before heard of, where teamwork, strategy and communication will have to perfectly blend together in order for sweet fotball music to prevail.

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