A small company, with big ambitions.

Imagine if you could play football on your computer just like you play football in real life. If people replaced all those computer generated players and you could actually communicate and interact with real people. Imagine if you could build a reputation and a career as a football player, manager or journalist. That's Footballidentity.

During April 2009 CommuniSport launched the Beta version of the web community/game Footballidentity is a serious attempt to create an online world that, as accurately as possible, tries to mimic the real football world of today.

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, the first ever attempt to really copy the football world. 

So, you want to get your own identity in the first ever strategical online copy of the football world, do you? 

... Have you always dreamed of becoming a big football star like Beckham or Ronaldinho? Maybe you just love football or you regret having quit as a youngster? Well, here's your chance at setting things right! But you must understand that in order to become a really big star in you must train frequently and on the appropriate skills,you must perform well during matches and of course possess good strategical knowledge and team working skills.

What the users of Footballidentity say!
"The only online game I've never considered quitting. Equally challenging and fun, both for those who know all about football & for those who know hardly anything! Simply irresistible! "
- Fanas Fanidis
"Best football simulation game ever and awesome
community! Definitely worth a try. :) "
- Mini M
"The most addictive social browser football game ever!"
- Mike Denovellis

"Highly addictive game!! :)"
- Alison Dooley
"Once you play this game, you will feel like
quitting all other Football Manager games. Simply superb."
- Anmol Singh Gill 

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 "Unlike other online soccer games, in FID you can play games with real users controling the footballers. And the social aspect of the game is a must!"
- Uyke Makana